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Applied Behavior Analysis:

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) is the scientific field devoted to understanding the relationship between behaviors and the environment(s) in which they occur. Using one-to-one intervention, our therapists are trained to systematically taper inappropriate or maladaptive behaviors while replacing them with socially relevant behaviors that will serve our learners for years to come. Bridges Learning Solutions offers a plethora of interventions including, but not limited to:


  • Increase Sharing of Interests and Emotions

  • Improve Listening Responses and Verbal Communication

  • Induce Skills Related to Initiating Social Interaction

  • Expand Community of Interests and Reinforcers

  • Gross Motor/Fine Motor Skills

  • Intervention for Eating Disorders

  • Language Deficits

  • Social Interaction


The science of behavior analysis is the foundation on which we base our procedures and programs. Interventions are unique to each learner, consistently growing their abilities. This learner-driven approach facilitates the systematic technique in which we provide our clients with a vast repertoire in a rapidly advancing world. In addition to supplying clients with the ability to learn in new ways, we teach them to enjoy and seek out learning. We utilize the leading scientific method to implement the most effective and efficient behavior therapy to those we serve. Through the implementation of our services within the clinical setting, educating instructors in the classroom setting, and participation amongst parents and/or guardians within the home environment, our steadfast approach establishes a firm foundation on which all students can plant their feet to face the ever-evolving future.

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