Bridges Vision

Bridges Learning Solutions is committed to providing exemplary ABA services to children and teens diagnosed with Autism.  We build solid foundations for each client using the principles of behavior, therefore, tailoring each program to meet the needs of the client.  We build our clients up to "cross BRIDGES" by "LEARNING new ways" and "finding SOLUTIONS" to each behavioral need. 


The science of behavior analysis is the foundation on which we base our procedures and programs unique to each individual, consistently challenging their abilities. This learner-driven approach facilitates the systematic technique in which we provide our clients with a vast repertoire in a rapidly advancing world. In addition to supplying clients with the ability to learn in new ways, we teach them to enjoy and seek out learning. We utilize the leading scientific method to implement the most effective and efficient behavior therapy to those we serve. Through the implementation of our services within the clinical setting, educating instructors in the classroom setting, and participation amongst parents and/or guardians within the home environment, our steadfast approach establishes a foundation on which all students can plant their feet to face the ever-evolving future.

About Us

Bridges Learning Solutions was founded in 2015.  Bridges provides each client with their own therapy team consisting of state Registered Line Technicians, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (clinical supervisor), and additional support staff for administrative needs.  Our location is unique as we are on the Greater Baton Rouge Hope Academy campus.  This allows more inclusion opportunities in a classroom setting promoting social interactions with peers. 

Bridges welcomes additional service providers, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy and/or physical therapy during the clients' daily schedule.  Bridges DOES NOT provide these services.